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AERB Guideline



Institute Registration : Visit AERB website and click on "eLORA" to visit eLORA homepage (relevant guidelines and FAQs are available on homepage). Clickon "Register Institute", fill the application form and submit along with scanned copy of required documents (USERNAME and PASSWORD will be sent to your email address after processing of application).


Equipments Declaration : After getting USERNAME and PASSWORD in your email, login to the system through eLORA homepage. Clickon "Declare Existing X-ray Equipment" and declare all existing X-ray equipments one by one. Obtaining licence will be faster if model name is chosen from the available list.(Instantly acknowledgement will be sent after declaration).

Step 3

Record of Licence/Registration : If you have valid AERB Licence/Registration, which was obtained offline and not through e-LORA, against any of the declared equipment, clickon "Record Licence for operation of X-ray Equipment" and record the same by uploading a scanned copy of Licence/Registration (No further action is required till expiry of Licence/Registration)


Apply for New Licence/Registration : If you have not obtained Licence/Registration from AERB for any equipment, apply for the same by clicking "Licence for Operation of Existing Equipment". Prior to apply for Licence (i)add safety tools through Add Instrument in Instrument Management (ii) add radiation worker and their role (operator /medical practitioner) through Add Employee in User Management. After processing and approval Licence/Registration can be downloaded from eLOR Aaccount.