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Alexion (16-slice)

Model No. New/Refurbished Make AERB Type Approval No.
Alexion-16 Refurbished with Warranty TOSHIBA -NA-

In response to the needs of a wide variety of customers, Toshiba has developed the new AlexionT CT system, which delivers high performance multislice capabilities in a compact and affordable design.
Alexion is the new entry level multislice CT system for customers who need high patient throughput, desire advanced 3D and postprocessing applications, and demand the latest dose reduction technologies. As well as offering advanced technology in a small package, Alexion features navigation mode operation for fi rst time and novice users.

Salient Features:

  • SUREExposure Dose Reduction
  • QDS (Quantum Denoising Software)
  • AIDR 3D
  • RealEC (Realtime Exposure Control) - Dose Reduction Technique
  • 2 / 3.5 MHU X-ray Tube
  • Navigation Mode
  • 72 cm bore & 205 kgs of bed's weight bearing capaicty
  • Intuitive presets for scanning
  • Auto MPR
  • 50kVA¬†High Power Generator