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Largest independent supplier of refurbished
Radiology equipment's in Western India. 

SHREEJI SCAN SERVICES, a company established by Technocrats in the year 2003, having more than a decade of experience in Medical arena.

  • Technical service experience, coupled with an extensive inventory of parts makes our clients rest assured of above average uptime of their systems.
  • Our team of qualified and experienced Electronic engineers, to provide service support up to latest 16-slice and 64-slice machines.
  • Selling refurbished as well as new medical instruments.

Current Special

  • Model No. : ACTIVION-16
    Year of Manufacturing : 2010
    X-Ray Tube : CXB-400C
    X-Ray Tube Slices : 81,235 (On this tube)
    X-Ray Tube YOM : February 2016
    Generator Type : SPELLMAN
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  • Model No. : AQUILION-16
    Year of Manufacturing : 2006
    X-Ray Tube : CXB-750D
    X-Ray Tube Slices : 1,87,389
    X-Ray Tube YOM : 2009
    Generator Type : TOSHIBA
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  • Model No. : ASTEION SUPER4
    Year of Manufacturing : 2007
    X-Ray Tube : CXB-400C
    X-Ray Tube Slices : 150000
    X-Ray Tube YOM : 2010/12
    Generator Type : TOSHIBA
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